This glossary is intended as helpful inspired commentary and not as a dictionary with the expectation to limit other possible meanings of the term being explained. Words are sometimes used by the prophet or the writer with a unique meaning in mind for a particular passage or circumstance. The terms listed are intended to cover the majority of usages of the words in the majority of contexts. All of the material herein comes from the works of Denver Snuffer, Joseph Smith, the Scriptures, sources pointed to by Denver, or explanations directly by Denver in the editing process. Except when noted, all scriptural references are from the Restoration Edition.

    I have inserted a possible new context into the words for you to consider. I would remind you, however, that scripture is not something for “private interpretation,” but can only be unlocked through the Holy Ghost (2 Peter 1:5; see also JSH 14:4). The meaning belongs to and is controlled by God.1 Please keep everything in mind together. Do not think one isolated statement or paragraph explains everything. Further, do not think everything has yet been revealed that needs to be revealed. Thus far I am only taking the things already before us in scripture and weaving them together to persuade some few to believe the restoration can continue. When the time comes, a great deal more can be taught if the restoration does continue.2 — Denver Snuffer

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    2 “A Clarifying Question,” March 27, 2015, blog post.