Power of Godliness

    The ability to open the heavens in order to be given assignments, confirm revelation, and receive blessings from God. All power is tied to heaven. When the powers of heaven are withdrawn from someone, then their authority comes to an end, and they have no power. The power of godliness must be gained through Jesus Christ, access to Whom is available to all men and women on equal terms.1 Godliness is different from virtue; it is even different from righteousness. Godliness requires one to become godlike in one’s sentiments and in one’s meekness before Him. “Whether men understand you or attribute motives to you, the relationship is between you and the Lord. Godliness is when your walk here is along the path He has chosen for you.”2 The power of godliness (T&C 82:12) is inseparably connected with the ordinances (see T&C 139:5). Without the power of godliness, the current rites are much like the apostate world Christ condemned in His initial visit with Joseph Smith (see JSH 2:5). The power of godliness and the authority of the priesthood are connected with see[ing] the face of God, even the Father (T&C 82:12).3

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