Public Rites (Ordinances)

    “Because of the potential and actual abuse by some priesthood holding men, I asked the Lord to extend priesthood to women. I was told as to public rites, priesthood is confined to men because of the Fall and the conditions ordained at that time. Until things are reversed at the Millennium, it will remain for men alone to perform the public ordinances thus far given to us. This order is not going to change until the Millennium. I asked the Lord that if only men were to hold priesthood for our public ordinances, then could only women vote to sustain them. This pleased the Lord, for it was already in His heart. But He added: There shall be a minimum of seven women to sustain the man in any vote, and if the man is married, his wife shall be one of them. If you have already been ordained, then you have the right to continue to minister to your family as a matter of right. But outside your family it is different. Even though already ordained, a community needs to recognize and authorize anyone to minister for them. For any who would like to qualify to minister outside his family, he must meet in a community and obtain a sustaining vote of a minimum of seven women. When that is done, all seven who vote to sustain should sign a certificate.”1 This refers to “public rites” and not to those rites and performances the public are excluded from knowing. The Holy Order conveys blessings and information that is withheld from the world. But men and women jointly obtain the Holy Order.2See also ORDINANCES.

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