Living Water

    Christ instructs in 3 Nephi 5:8 about baptism: And he said unto them, On this wise shall ye baptize, and there shall be no disputations among you. Verily I say unto you that whoso repenteth of his sins through your words and desireth to be baptized in my name, on this wise shall ye baptize them: behold, ye shall go down and stand in the water. “This living ordinance should be performed in living water, if possible. Connect with God by using the things He provides. We believe and practice the Doctrine of Christ. We practice baptism by immersion in living waters — meaning lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans, where there is life.”1 Anciently the Jews practiced baptism in “living water,” that is, in a naturally renewing body of water, like a river, lake, or ocean. Living water was part of the symbol.2

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