Light of Christ

    Also known as Holy Spirit, intelligence, glory of God, power, or light and truth; the power by which man exists; and the mechanism that sustains all mankind from moment to moment and lends them the power to live and breathe. What is this relationship between God’s power and the light of Christ? God’s power proceeds forth from Him and sustains not only planets, stars, and the sun, but also all men and women so that they live. The light of Christ, which is in and through all things, is co-extensive with the Father’s glory or intelligence, or in other words, light and truth (T&C 93:11).1All creation is sustained by the light of Christ. He keeps it organized by the light emanating from Him. This is why redemption is possible through Him. When He descended below it all, including death, He had the power to bring it all back to life with Him. He must permeate all things in order to lay ahold of all things and rescue all from destruction. “At this very moment we are in contact with Him through His Spirit. He is giving us life. He is not a distant God. He is an immediate and intimate God. He knows our thoughts because He gives us the ability and freedom to think. He knows how to judge us because everything we do uses His power. He lends us life and light. We have only the illusion of privacy. We have the freedom to act and choose, but our freedom operates inside His creation. Everything is dependent on His power.”2

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