As used in Mosiah 1:16, patience is not defined as it typically is; rather, it refers to the patience a child has as he grows into adulthood. There are many years ahead to reach adulthood — there is nothing the child can do to change that, nor do they attempt to do so. In much the same way, most adults have many years ahead of them before they become fit for the Second Comforter. Just like one cannot rush from childhood into adulthood but must progress by degrees through the many long months into many years, so too, men and women must progress from a smaller degree to a much larger one. Perhaps it takes decades to develop, as necessary, to receive an audience with Christ. Children persist in waiting, growing, and maturing. Their progression into adulthood is gradual. But that process is relentless and marches on through two decades of development and maturity. That is the patience spoken of in this scripture.1

    1 The Second Comforter, 235.