Trust in Man

    Reliance on man to save; man’s theories, hopes, or vain formulas for finding the path to God. “Nephi puts it into two opposing camps. There are only two. There are either inspired teachings, given by revelation and confirmed by the holy ghost, or they are man’s understanding. The first will save you. The other will curse you. There is no happy marriage of these opposing positions. You cannot have both. This sword cuts both ways and forces you to make a decision. Your eternity will be affected by the decision. So either you find the right way and follow it, or you are relying upon men and will in the end be cursed.”1 (See 2 Nephi 12:6.) See also MAKETH FLESH HIS ARM.

    1 “2 Nephi 28:31,” Aug. 7, 2010, blog post.