Ordination (Priesthood)

    An invitation; not the same thing as receiving the power of the Priesthood. “When you walk through the lives of all these priestly men, you see there is a two-fold event. First is an ordination. Then later there is empowerment or ratification of the ordination by Heaven. Ordination involves men. Empowerment involves the Heavens. In the case of Nephi’s brother Jacob, who was ordained by Nephi, we see the pattern set out. Jacob explains about his ordination by his brother, and then later confirms, he firstly obtained mine errand from the Lord (Jacob 1:4). There is a difference between the invite extended through ordination, and the blessing that comes when the power is conferred by Heaven.”1

    1 Essays: Three Degrees, “The Mission of Elijah Reconsidered,” 83.