Noble and Great

    There are two different groups that exist in this estate of mortality. One group is known as the noble and great, who are later identified as the Gods. The second group is those who are the spirits organized before the world was who are to “be proven” by the experience here in mortality. The mission assigned to each group is distinct — one is “proving,” and the other is “being proven.” These two very different groups are both here in this world, living as mortals. For those who are being “proven,” this life is a probation. For the others, they are “proving” their fellow men. They are among those who have a calling to teach truth here. They are noble and great because they teach truth. They teach truth and know truth because they were of such a character before they came here that they had accepted, obeyed, and received the results of following truth. In a word, they were exalted before they were born here. Hence the need for the word “Elohim” to be plural (see Abraham 6:1; 7:1–3). However, there is a veil between this world and the pre-earth existence; the only way to know which group one belongs to is if someone on the other side of the veil reveals it.1 The risks of mortality are the same for all who are here. The way back is the same no matter which group one belongs to, and either can acquire their exaltation or fall from it, depending entirely upon the kind of life they live here. Only the Lord knows and can tell someone of his or her pre-earth status. If one learns of that, it will only be through revelation.2

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