More than belief; a principle of action that requires one to act on belief in order to produce faith. The Lectures on Faith are a study on the topic. Joseph Smith defined faith as a principle of power through action, in which one puts those beliefs into action and thereby acquires power. Joseph related faith to having power.1 One can spend a lifetime as a “believer” without ever developing faith. Before belief can turn into faith, action is required. Without some action consistent with belief, a disciple cannot move along from mere belief to developing faith. It is action, obedience, and living in conformity to God’s will that yields faith. The commandments give us a chance to develop faith, which begins in very small ways. Emotional, sympathetic feelings are the beginnings of this seed sprouting. After that, the mind begins to “get” or to “see” the truthfulness of the system. Faith covers a broad spectrum. It begins embryonic and weak but can develop into an “unshakable faith” in the truthfulness of a principle. Jacob described this kind of faith; it results in actual power (see Jacob 3:2).2 In the Book of Mormon, the word “faith” is used when an angel has ministered to someone.3 Moroni 7:7 says, Behold, I say unto youit is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men. Wherefore, if these things have ceased, woe be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.4

    The development of faith will save one, but faith is not the end, and much more is offered if one is willing to receive it. Belief becomes faith, and faith becomes knowledge. Knowledge is what one gets when they are “redeemed from the fall” as Christ explained to the Brother of Jared.5 “Faith in Him comes by hearing the word of God, delivered as He authorizes, by whomever He chooses to deliver it. If we receive God’s word preached by someone He sends, then we can have faith in the Son of God. We can receive Him. But if we harden our heart, blind our mind and refuse to receive what He offers today, then we do not and cannot have faith in Him. We fall short of the faith required by His sons and daughters. This has always been the test. This will always be the test. I have been sent, and God is proving you. Joseph Smith testified to these things, and I am now a second witness. Therefore, two proclaim the same doctrine.”6

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