Mothers who minister to their children in patience and love will undoubtedly be among those whom the Lord will remember in the final day. The first parable, “The Busy Young Man,”1 is about those little acts through which one finds their Lord. “The Weathered Tree”2 is about the enduring power of a mother’s love and how, like the Lord’s own sacrifice, this often underappreciated calling has been and continues to be a lifetime of service. Mothers oftentimes do not take time to study because they are too busily engaged in the actual work of charity, love, and service. Some may not be able to construct a scripture-based explanation or exposition, but they recognize truth by the light that has been acquired within them by their fidelity to the Lord’s system of conferring light and truth. “I have been far more impressed with mothers in Zion than with the tattered remains of what is now called Zion by the gentiles.” 3

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