New Jerusalem

    A city of peace to be built in the Americas to fulfill prophecy. It is foretold in both the Bible and Book of Mormon and is part of the Mormon belief about events that will precede the Second Coming of Christ. The location of the city is believed by most Mormons to be fixed in Independence, Missouri. From other revelations, Biblical prophecies, and teachings of Joseph Smith there is reason to doubt that location.1 Zion, the New Jerusalem, and the Kingdom of God all relate to each other and will be developed and functioning in the last generation before the Lord returns. If this does not happen, the whole earth will be cursed (see T&C 151:13; see also 3 Nephi 10:1; T&C 31:14; Genesis 4:22–23).2 There is a new and different meaning in Christ’s Book of Mormon prophecy to the Nephites (see 3 Nephi 10:2) that has come about because of recent events. Previously, Christ’s words seemed to foretell that the lost and scattered remnants would build the Lord’s House and the New Jerusalem; now it appears that there are covenant-receiving gentiles who are included — gentiles who repent and hearken to Christ’s words and do not harden their hearts will be brought into covenant as His people. Christ mentions three distinct bodies. First, those who have accepted the covenant and are numbered among the remnant of Jacob to whom Christ gave this land for their inheritance. Second, the lost descendants of the remnant of Jacob on this land who will repent and return. Third, as many from the House of Israel who will repent and return. These three will build a city that shall be called the New Jerusalem and will come to know God while gathering and laboring to build it. Then they will go out to assist all of God’s people in their lost and forgotten state, to be awakened to the work of God and gathered as one body of believers. And all who have any of the blood of Abraham, who are scattered upon all the face of the land, will come to be taught in the New Jerusalem. There the Power of Heaven will come down to be among them; the angels (and Enoch with his ten thousands) will come down; the Ancient of Days, or Adam (the first father), and Christ, also, will be in the midst of His people (see 3 Nephi 10:1). 3

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