Rights Belonging to the Fathers

    Melchizedek inherited from his father the right of “dominion” that was originally given by God to Adam. He was the “father” over all mankind and in that capacity was a “king” or a “ruler,” though he exercised that right given to him as did Adam — as a father-figure and not as a tyrant. Abraham came to him to obtain this same right belonging to the first fathers or the right that descended from Adam. This is the “rights belonging to the fathers” which Abraham was so overjoyed to have obtained, because he was then the rightful father of “many nations,” by reason of his position in the family of God. This, however, did not confer authority that was respected or acknowledged by men in that day, but it was respected by God.1See also THE FATHERS.

    1 “Melchizedek,” April 24, 2017, blog post.