All can fill themselves with the mind of God, and if they do so, they will find themselves, as the scriptures recite, having no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually (Mosiah 3:1). This kind of repentance comes as a consequence of the things one knows, as a consequence of the light and truth within one. It causes temptation to disappear because one gives it no heed. This is how the Lord overcame all temptations.1He suffered temptations, but gave no heed unto them (JSH 16:6). When someone “gives heed” to his temptations, he loses the battle our Lord won. It is possible to live in a world filled with sin and avoid becoming embroiled in the errors. “Do not let your eyes focus on the wickedness you see around you, but look up to Heaven and the example of Heaven’s God, where there is no corruption.”2

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