Rest of the Lord

    One enters the “rest of the Lord” as soon as the promise of Eternal life is made by Him. It is His rest one inherits in the last day. The words of the promise are enough to guarantee the inheritance. Therefore, once the promise is made, it is true enough that one has entered into the rest of the Lord.1 The glory of God is intelligence. The “rest of the Lord” is the fullness of His glory, or in other words, light and truth of a perfect day.2 The only thing that stills the mind of man and brings rest from the trouble of this world is the atonement of Christ. That is why it is called the “rest of the Lord.”3 “What is the rest that He offers? It is to become part of the ‘living vine’ and to have Him take up His abode with you (see Alma 11:7).”4 On the other side of the test of one’s faith is the “rest of the Lord.” But that doesn’t mean that the insecurities of mortality are removed. Only one thing changes: the one that is chosen will now know God — but he will still need to go to work and pay the bills.5 It does not mean retirement, nor does it excuse him from this life’s labors, difficulties, challenges, or struggles. But he will know that God lives and that his life is acceptable to Him.6

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