Suffer For Their Own Sins

    As to who will “suffer for their own sins” and yet enter into the Celestial Kingdom, there are at least two categories: The first is those who have received their calling and election but who return to sin (but not an unpardonable sin). These are required to “pay the price” for this misconduct. The second is those who are “sealed up” through the faithfulness of their parents and claimed as children of promise as a matter of right (because of the sealing upon the parents). Such children will need to either qualify in their own right, or if inheritors of the promise through the merit of their parents’ sealing, they will have to suffer to become clean in order to inherit what is sealed upon them by this right.1 It is a mistaken idea that once someone’s calling and election has been made sure they are required to suffer for their own sins, because they have knowledge they are redeemed. This is a twisted view, designed by the adversary to discourage those who might otherwise seek and find. It is not that the atonement ceases to operate for the redeemed. The atonement continues to cover the on-going sins of these redeemed souls which arise from their foolishness, mistakes, errors of comprehension, and the things they don’t understand yet. Christ does not require them to do what they don’t know is a requirement yet. As the gentle and kind Lord, He will forgive all they do that is wrong, while He reveals through greater light and knowledge a higher path.2

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