Angel of Light

    A servant or messenger of God whose presence or appearance is characterized not only by his or her light, but by the content and intelligence of the message, as well as the absence of darkness. To avoid deception, we must have light. Light comes to all by keeping God’s commandments (see T&C 93:9).1 The defect Moses perceived in Lucifer when Lucifer came tempting him (as stated in Genesis 1:3) was not merely his appearance. Satan was (and is) an angel. T&C 69:6 describes him as an angel of God who was in authority in the presence of God and was cast down. Such a being does not look vile. Visually, he may appear to have light and glory. Because he is a liar, he uses his appearance as a pretense to be an angel of light. Moses was able to discern between Satan and an actual messenger from God, but that had nothing to do with the appearance of Satan. It was because of the content of the message. Moses distinguished between his message and the Lord’s. The Lord’s was a message of glory, which is intelligence, or in other words, light and truth. Satan’s message takes one into a dark and dreary waste.2

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