Ignoring Joseph Smith; refusing the gift God offered. Man’s first obligation now is to remember. Until man remembers what was given before, there is no reason for God to give more. Forgetting includes re-interpreting the language by divorcing it from context, supplying new meaning not originally intended, and improperly using Joseph to vindicate later improper innovations.1 “How much study should be given to the history of the restoration? How carefully should Joseph’s teachings be preserved, studied, and followed? When the Lord commanded us to give heed to all his [meaning Joseph Smith’s] words and commandments to what extent are we justified in forgetting his words and teachings? (JSH 18:4–5).”2

    1 Preserving the Restoration, iv; ivn4.

    2 “Knowledge and Indifference,” Jan. 17, 2012, blog post.

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