A revelation received at Kirtland, Ohio, 10 March 1831, through Joseph Smith Jr. concerning the brethren in New York: how to manage their property, etc.

  1. It is necessary that you should remain for the present time in your places of abode, as it shall be suitable to your circumstances. And inasmuch as you have lands, you shall impart to the eastern brethren; and inasmuch as you have not lands, let them buy for the present time in those regions round about as seems best to them. For it must needs be necessary that they have places to live for the present time.
  2. It must needs be necessary that you save all the money that you can, and that you obtain all that you can in righteousness, that in time you may be enabled to purchase lands for an inheritance, even the city. The place is not yet to be revealed, but after your brethren come from the east there are certain men to be appointed, and to them it shall be given to know the place, as to them it shall be revealed. And they shall be appointed to purchase the lands and to make a commencement to lay the foundation of the city.
  3. And then you shall begin to be gathered with your families, every man according to his family, according to his circumstances, and as is appointed to him by the bishop and elders of the church, according to the laws and commandments which you have received and which you shall hereafter receive. Even so, Amen.