A revelation given between 8 March and 24 March 1832, through Joseph Smith Jr.

  1. Verily thus says the Lord unto you, my servant Sidney Rigdon and Joseph: I reveal unto you for your own profit and instruction concerning the bishops of my church, what is their duty in the church. Behold, it is their duty to stand in the office of their bishopric, and to fill the judgment seat which I have appointed unto them, to administer the benefits of the church, or the surplus, of all who are in their stewardships according to the commandments as they are severally appointed. And the property, or that which they receive of the church, is not their own, but belongs to the church; wherefore, it is the property of the Lord, and it is for the poor of the church, to be administered according to the law. For it is the will of the Lord that the church should be made equal in all things. Wherefore, the bishops are accountable before the Lord for their stewardships, to administer of their stewardship, in the which they are appointed by commandment jointly with you my servants, unto the Lord, as well as you my servants, or the rest of the church, that the benefits of all may be dedicated unto the Lord, that the Lord’s storehouse may be filled always, that you may all grow in temporal as well as spiritual things.
  2. And now verily I say unto you, the bishops must needs be separated unto their bishoprics and judgment seats from care of business, but not from claim, neither from counsel. Wherefore, I have given unto you commandment that you should be joined together by covenant and bond; wherefore, see that you do even as I have commanded.
  3. And unto the office of the presidency of the high priesthood I have given authority to preside, with the assistance of his counselors, over all the concerns of the church. Wherefore, stand fast, claim your Priesthood in authority, yet in meekness. And I am able to make you abound and be fruitful, and you shall never fall, for unto you I have given the keys of the kingdom, and if you transgress not, they shall never be taken from you. Wherefore, feed my sheep. Even so. Amen.