A sample of pure language, received between about 4 and about 20 March 1832, given by Joseph the Seer.

  1. Question: What is the name of God in pure language?
    Answer: Ahman.
  2. Question: The meaning of the pure word Ahman?
    Answer: It is the being which made all things, in all its parts.
  3. Question: What is the name of the Son of God?
    Answer: The Son Ahman.
  4. Question: What is the Son Ahman?
    Answer: It is the greatest of all the parts of Ahman, which is the Godhead. The Firstborn.
  5. Question: What is man?
    Answer: This signifies Sons Ahman. The human family, the children of men, the greatest parts of Ahman Sons, the Son Ahman.
  6. Question: What are angels called in pure language?
    Answer: Ahman Anglsmen.
  7. Question: What are the meaning of these words?
    Answer: Ahman’s ministering servants, sanctified, who are sent forth from Heaven to minister for, or to, Sons Ahman, the greatest part of Ahman Son. Sons Ahman, Son Ahman, Ahman.

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