A testimony given at Hiram, Ohio, circa 2 November 1831.

  1. We, the undersigners, feel willing to bear testimony to all the world of mankind, to every creature upon the face of all the earth, and upon the islands of the sea that God has borne record to our souls through the holy ghost, shed forth upon us, that these commandments are given by inspiration of God, and are profitable for all men, and are verily true.
  2. We give this testimony unto the world, the Lord being our helper, and it is through the grace of God the Father, and his Son Jesus Christ that we are permitted to have this privilege of bearing this testimony unto the world, in the which we rejoice exceedingly, praying the Lord always that the children of men may be profited thereby. Amen.
  3. Sidney Rigdon Thomas B Marsh

    Joshua Fairchild Reynolds Cahoon

    Orson Hyde John Corrill

    Peter Dustin Parley P. Pratt

    Wm. E. McLellin Harvey Whitlock

    Newel Knight Lyman Wight

    Levi Hancock; never to be erased Calvin Beebe

    Lyman Johnson Zebedee Coltrin