A revelation given at Kirtland, Ohio, 15 May 1831, through Joseph Smith Jr. to Ezra Thayer and Joseph Smith Sr. concerning a farm, etc.

  1. Hearken unto my words, and behold, I will make known unto you what you shall do as it shall be pleasing unto me, for verily I say unto you it must needs be that you let the bargain stand that you have made concerning these farms until it be so fulfilled. Behold, you are held for the one, even so likewise, your adversary is held for the other. Wherefore, it must needs be that you pay no more money for the present time until the contract be fulfilled. And let my servant Joseph Smith Sr. and his family go into the house after your adversary is gone, and let my servant Ezra board with him. And let all the brethren immediately assemble together and put up a house for my servant Ezra.
  2. And let my servant Frederick G. Williams’ family remain, and let the house be repaired and their wants be supplied, and when my servant Frederick returns from the west, behold, he takes his family to the west. Let that which belongs to my servant Frederick be secured unto him by deed or bond, and thus he wills that the brethren reap the good thereof.
  3. Let my servant Joseph Smith Sr. govern the things of the farm and provide for the families, and let him have help inasmuch as he stands in need. Let my servant Ezra humble himself, and at the conference meeting he shall be ordained unto power from on high, and he shall go from thence (if he be obedient unto my commandments) and proclaim my gospel unto the western regions with my servants that must go forth, even unto the borders of the Lamanites; for behold, I have a great work for them to do. And it shall be given unto you to know what you shall do at the conference meeting. Even so, Amen.
  4. What shall the brethren do with their money?
    You shall go forth and seek diligently among the brethren, and obtain lands and save the money that it may be consecrated to purchase lands in the west for an everlasting inheritance. Even so, Amen.