Revelation received through Denver Snuffer Jr., recorded on the morning of 6 April 2019, in response to his supplication on behalf of the scriptures project completion. Sustained as scripture, 21 April 2019, during a general conference in Grand Junction, CO.

  1. You have asked to know if the scriptures are acceptable and approved, or if there is more to be done:
  2. The work that has been done is acceptable and sufficient for the labor now underway. You were permitted to update language, select a current vocabulary, and you were warned not to change any meaning. I reminded you that you do not understand the glory to be revealed unto my covenant people. You were instructed to complete the agreed upon labors, and you have done as was required.
  3. These scriptures are sent forth to be my warning to the world, my comfort to the faithful, my counsel to the meek, my reproof to the proud, my rebuke to the contentious, and my condemnation of the wicked. They are my invitation to all mankind to flee from corruption, repent and be baptized in my name, and prepare for the coming judgment.
  4. False witnesses will be exposed, and the imaginings of the wicked heart will prove a curse unto them. A corrupt and foolish world will be brought to harvest, while the faithful who receive my words, obey my voice, covenant with me, and abide my law shall be preserved. I come as a thief in the night, and none can stay my coming.
  5. I ordained this work and labored beside you. No man should condemn these words, or see the weakness of my laborers when I judge their hearts. All their weakness, foolishness and vanity are before me, and none of it is hidden to me. To vindicate the promises I made to the fathers, I will bear patiently with all of you for my name’s sake. If I accept their work despite their weaknesses, that I may fulfill my promises to gather my people under my wings, then stop murmuring and complaining against those who labor. If you expect mercy, then show mercy to others. I, your Lord, am pleased with all those who are grateful and merciful and who will have me be their God. I am meek and lowly of heart.