This is the Covenant Ordinance offered by the Lord to all who will receive it. Received by Denver Snuffer Jr., July 2017, and presented for the first time in Boise, Idaho, 3 September 2017, at a Covenant of Christ conference.

    Note: This covenant can be received at any time, in any place, by any person who has accepted the Doctrine of Christ. Either an authorized priesthood holder who has previously received The Covenant can administer it, or the recording from the Boise Covenant of Christ Conference can be used. The believer receiving The Covenant may first want to review the words of the Prayer for Covenant before receiving The Covenant. Receiving The Covenant involves having read to them the Answer to Prayer for Covenant, following which they have read to them The Covenant, and then comply with the directions contained therein, answering, Yes, out loud at the appropriate moment.

  1. There are four questions I will read. Please remain seated until the four questions have all been read. If, after you hear all four questions, you can answer, Yes, to all four, then you will be asked to stand and say, Yes, to accept:
  2. First: Do you believe all the words of the Lord which have been read to you this day, and know them to be true and from the Lord Jesus Christ, who has condescended to provide them to you, and do you covenant with Him to cease to do evil and to seek to continually do good?
  3. Second: Do you have faith in these things and receive the scriptures approved by the Lord as a standard to govern you in your daily walk in life, to accept the obligations established by the Book of Mormon as a covenant, and to use the scriptures to correct yourselves and to guide your words, thoughts, and deeds?
  4. Third: Do you agree to assist all others — who covenant to likewise accept this standard to govern their lives — to keep the Lord’s will, to succor those who stand in need, to lighten the burdens of your brothers and sisters whenever you are able, and to help care for the poor among you?
  5. Fourth: And do you covenant to seek to become of one heart with those who seek the Lord to establish His righteousness?
  6. If you agree, please stand wherever you are located, either here or in a remote location, to be recognized and numbered by God and His angels.
  7. All those standing please confirm you are willing to accept this covenant by saying, Yes.
  8. Please be seated.
  9. Now, hear the words of the Lord to those who receive this covenant this day:
  10. All you who have turned from your wicked ways and repented of your evil doings, of lying and deceiving, and of all whoredoms, and of secret abominations, idolatries, murders, priestcrafts, envying, and strife, and from all wickedness and abominations, and have come unto me, and been baptized in my name, and have received a remission of your sins, and received the holy ghost, are now numbered with my people who are of the house of Israel. I say to you:
  11. Teach your children to honor me. Seek to recover the lost sheep remnant of this land and of Israel and no longer forsake them. Bring them unto me and teach them of my ways, to walk in them.
  12. And I, the Lord your God, will be with you and will never forsake you, and I will lead you in the path which will bring peace to you in the troubling season now fast approaching.
  13. I will raise you up and protect you, abide with you, and gather you in due time, and this shall be a land of promise to you as your inheritance from me.
  14. The earth will yield its increase, and you will flourish upon the mountains and upon the hills, and the wicked will not come against you because the fear of the Lord will be with you.
  15. I will visit my house, which the remnant of my people shall build, and I will dwell therein, to be among you, and no one will need to say, Know ye the Lord, for you all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.
  16. I will teach you things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world and your understanding will reach unto Heaven.
  17. And you shall be called the children of the Most High God, and I will preserve you against the harvest.
  18. And the angels sent to harvest the world will gather the wicked into bundles to be burned, but will pass over you as my peculiar treasure.
  19. But if you do not honor me, nor seek to recover my people Israel, nor teach your children to honor me, nor care for the poor among you, nor help lighten one another’s burdens, then you have no promise from me and I will raise up other people who will honor and serve me, and give unto them this land, and if they repent, I will abide with them.
  20. The time is now far spent, therefore labor with me and do not forsake my covenant to perform it; study my words and let them be the standard for your faith, and I will add thereto many treasures. Love one another and you will be mine, and I will preserve you, and raise you up, and abide with you for ever. Amen.