A revelation given through Joseph Smith Jr. at Kirtland, Ohio, 12 January 1838.

  1. Thus says the Lord: Let the presidency of my church take their families, as soon as it is practicable and a door is open for them, and move on to the west as fast as the way is made plain before their faces. And let their hearts be comforted, for I will be with them. Verily I say unto you, the time has come that your labors are finished in this place for a season; therefore, arise and get yourselves on to a land which I shall show unto you, even a land flowing with milk and honey. You are clean from the blood of this people, and woe unto those who have become your enemies, who have professed my name, says the Lord, for their judgment lingers not and their damnation slumbers not.
  2. Let all your faithful friends arise, with their families also, and get out of this place, and gather themselves together unto Zion. And be at peace among yourselves, O you inhabitants of Zion, or there shall be no safety for you.