A revelation given at Kirtland, Ohio, 14 November 1835, through Joseph Smith Jr. to Warren Parrish.

  1. Thus came the word of the Lord unto me, saying, Verily thus says the Lord unto my servant Joseph concerning my servant Warren: Behold, his sins are forgiven him because of his desires to do the works of righteousness; therefore, inasmuch as he will continue to hearken unto my voice, he shall be blessed with wisdom and with a sound mind, even above his fellows. Behold, it shall come to pass in his day that he shall see great things show forth themselves unto my people. He shall see much of my ancient records, and shall know of hidden things, and shall be endowed with a knowledge of hidden languages. And if he desires, and shall seek it at my hand, he shall be privileged with writing much of my word as a scribe unto me, for the benefit of my people. Therefore, this shall be his calling until I shall order it otherwise in my wisdom. And it shall be said of him in a time to come, Behold Warren, the Lord’s scribe for the Lord’s seer, whom he has appointed in Israel. Therefore, if he will keep my commandments, he shall be lifted up at the last day. Even so, Amen.