Part 5 (January 1827)

  1. During the time that I was thus employed, I was put to board with a Mr. Isaac Hale of that place. ’Twas there that I first saw my wife (his daughter) Emma Hale. On the eighteenth of January, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, we were married while yet I was employed in the service of Mr. Stowell. Owing to my still continuing to assert that I had seen a vision, persecution still followed me, and my wife’s father’s family were very much opposed to our being married. I was therefore under the necessity of taking her elsewhere, so we went and were married at the house of Squire [Zechariah] Tarble in South Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. Immediately after my marriage I left Mr. Stowell’s, and went to my father’s and farmed with him that season.