This world is the place of sacrifice. We all came here to make sacrifices. We wanted to come here; we knew it would require sacrifice to produce the faith necessary for salvation, and we gladly came. Christ is the great prototype of the “saved man,” according to The Lectures on Faith. He came and gave Himself as a sacrifice, and we are to “follow Him” if we are to be saved. We came here to lay on the altar everything: our desires, appetites, passions, and everything with which the Lord has blessed us. Abraham put his beloved son on the altar, intending to kill him and then burn his remains, because God asked it of him. He did not refuse. However bitter, terrible and painful the request, the Lord asked it of Abraham, and he proceeded to offer it. No one obtains the faith necessary for salvation unless they are prepared to sacrifice all things to God. Faith for salvation cannot otherwise be obtained. Read the Lectures on Faith and see it is all set out there.1 Now I do not expect anyone to be asked to sacrifice their only child. Nor to be told to kill someone and take their possessions. What I expect is that in the context of the life someone has lived or is living, they will be asked to do, or not do, something which is so specific to them that they alone will understand why it is a sacrifice to them. If asked of another, it may be completely insignificant. But when asked of them, it will be exactly what the person will struggle to place on the Lord’s altar. Hence the term sacrifice with its partial meaning of parting with something involving great value to them. However, it is not possible to rule anything in or out — the Lord alone will know you and what is required for you to obtain this faith. The requirements for obtaining this kind of faith are the same for every man or woman who has ever lived. Without making the sacrifice it is not possible to obtain the faith.2

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