What is the purpose of this site?

This site is offered as a public service to all who seek to learn more about Jesus Christ. This site is not tied to any earthly organization or person. It is just a site dedicated to helping others come unto Christ through obtaining the keys of knowledge required in finding Him.

This site is dedicated to learning about Jesus Christ and the pathway back into the presence of the Father. It is the primary purpose of this site to provide an accurate and searchable copy of the scriptures so you can learn about Chirst and his teachings. It is also the purpose of this site to provide other materials that will aid you on your journey into the presence of the Father.

As you learn and follow the doctrine of Christ, may God grant you the gift of the Holy Ghost to teach you on your journey.

Link From External Sites

You can easily create a hyperlink to the scriptures.info site for use in external sites such as blogs and other publications.
Here are the easy steps:

  1. Browse to the page you want to link to on the scriptures.info site.
  2. In the address bar add a ? after the path like this (http://www.scriptures.info/Scriptures/bofm/1nephi/1/?). Please note if there is already a ? and others things are after it, then just delete everything after the ?.
  3. Add the letters hl after the ?. The letters hl stand for highlighting.
  4. Add an equals sign (=) after the hl.
  5. Add the correct pattern of numbers after the equals sign in order to highlight the sentences you want.
    There are 3 acceptable things after the equal sign:
    • Numbers
    • A comma (,)
    • A Hyphen (-)
    For each sentence you want to individually highlight add the number seperated by a comma (,). Like this 1,3,12.
    If you want to add a range of numbers you can easily do so using a hyphen. Like this 5-10.
    Any number of combinations can be used in any order. Like this hl=1,3,5-10,12.
    So using this example you can test this out by going to this link: http//www.scriptures.info/Scriptures/bofm/1nephi/1/?hl=1,3,5-10,12 or by trying it yourself.
  6. Once you have added the correct verse(s) and/or range(s) in the address bar of your browser hit enter to refresh the page and to preview your desired highlighting.
  7. Copy the link in the address bar and use it in your site.

Searching Tips

The simple search box is primarily for word searching or phrase searches.

When you select the "Keyword(s)" checkbox more than one word can be used but searches are often slower the more words you use. It works best when you use just one word for searching.

When you select the "Phrase" checkbox it searches the body of content for the exact phrase you type in. In addition to this it searches for individual words in your search. It is desired to only have the exact phrase match but unfortunately the search currently implemented has this behavior and there is no work around I have found. There are other ways to do this and in the future this will be visited again as time permits. In the search results the ones not showing the matches are the ones that are not an exact match.

The advanced search will be completed in the near future and will give the ability for more granular searching. It will also allow you to search for things inside of a particular set of scripture or chapters.

Coming Features

  • The Book of John comparison and study materials
  • Advanced Search
  • Print Feature
  • MP3 Download
  • Mobile app of all content
  • Easy social media sharing mechanism

Wish List

  • Sentence Numbering
  • Stored Highlighting
  • Stored Bookmarks
  • Stored Notes
  • Turn Stored content on/off
  • Stored note sharing

If you have suggestions for new features please send them using our contact form on this website.
Also, if you see any issues with the site please let us know and we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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