Section 143

    A revelation given in the city of Nauvoo, Illinois, March 1841, through Joseph Smith Jr. in answer to the following question: What is the will of the Lord concerning the saints in the Territory of Iowa?

  1. Verily thus says the Lord: I say unto you, If those who call themselves by my name and are assaying to be my saints, if they will do my will and keep my commandments concerning them, let them gather themselves together unto the places which I shall appoint unto them by my servant Joseph, and build up cities unto my name, that they may be prepared for that which is in store, for a time to come.
  2. Let them build up a city unto my name, upon the land opposite to the city of Nauvoo, and let the name of Zarahemla be named upon it. And let all those who come from the East and the West, and the North and the South that have desires to dwell therein, take up their inheritances in the same, as well as in the city of Nashville, or in the city of Nauvoo, and in all the stakes which I have appointed, says the Lord.

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