Sacrament (Lord’s Supper)

    Christ instituted the sacrament during the Passover meal. It was His “last supper” with His closest followers. All the accounts agree on the purpose: to remember the body and blood He would sacrifice on our behalf. When the Lord appeared to the Nephites, He proclaimed He had fulfilled the law (3 Nephi 7:2). All the rites and sacrifices added through Moses pointed to His great sacrifice of His body and blood. The purpose of the sacrament is to remember Christ. It is to remind us of His body which was broken to fulfill the required sacrifice. It is to remind us of His blood which was shed for our redemption.1 The sacrament should be taken in the way God commanded. Partake of the sacrament in your families and in your gatherings. Christ commanded it. Follow the pattern in 3 Nephi 8:6 - 7 and Moroni 4:1. “Kneel with the church” is how the scriptures direct it to be done. Use wine. If you are opposed to alcohol or have a medical condition that prevents you from using wine, use red grape juice. Use the symbol of the blood of our Lord. Red wine is bitter for a reason. Drinking that bitter wine in remembrance of His blood is symbolic and appropriate.2 From the symbol of the crushed grape, its blood spilled and then allowed to ferment, comes a symbol of the great work of the Lord. The grape juice changes through fermentation from something which affects the senses.3 Notice in the narrative [3 Nephi 8:6] the Lord “commanded that they should eat.” This is an interesting phrasing. It is more than an invitation. It is more than an offering. It is a commandment…. What is it about partaking of His sacrament, eating in remembrance of the body of Christ, that must be done?… Why would people who had seen, touched, and knelt at the feet of the risen Lord need to partake of the bread as a “witness” and “remembrance” of Him? How can this add to what they had already received? Why is the sacrament sacred enough to be celebrated by the Lord with people who are in His very presence?4 The sacrament reminds us of the promised wedding feast. In addition to remembrance of Christ’s shed blood and slain body, it foreshadows a final feast with the Lord to celebrate His success in redeeming the few, poor souls who accept His invitation.5

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