Holy Ghost

    The Holy Ghost is most correctly understood as the individual spirit (and therefore the Heavenly record from our prior experiences, although now veiled) within each of us. In that sense it is a he (or, if you are female, a she). The Holy Ghost is the light of truth. In that sense, it is an it. The Holy Ghost is also the received communication, inspiration or light from above, and the source of that light can be any number of Holy Beings sent to shed that light upon us. In that sense, it is a they. But we want it to be singular, because that makes it easier to grasp.1 The Holy Ghost is a personage. It is an individual. It is a Spirit that will dwell inside you. The Holy Ghost, which resides inside of you, receives intelligence from Christ. The Holy Ghost is the “record of Heaven” which lives inside you and that you have lost contact with because of the veil. It is a personage of spirit who resides inside you, and you must “receive” it after baptism by finally listening to that inner “truth of all things” or “record of the Father and the Son” (Genesis 4:9-10). The Holy Ghost bears record of the Father and the Son (Genesis 3:4). When the Son speaks to you through the Holy Ghost you hear the words in the first person. Hence the Holy Ghost speaking that it “is the Son” in Genesis 3:4.2 Your spirit or your ghost is within you, connected to Heaven to such a degree through this process that you are in possession of a “holy spirit” or a holy ghost within you.3 From Adam until Christ, the Holy Ghost was the primary voice by which revelation was delivered from God to mankind. It is active and has been active in delivering the words of prophecy to “holy men” throughout history.4 The scriptures have explained that the Holy Ghost which dwells in you – this personage of Spirit – has the following other descriptions or attributes: the Comforter, the record of Heaven, the truth of all things, the peaceable things of immortal glory, that which quickens all things, that which knows all things, that which has all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment (Genesis 4:9). This is a description of the personage of Spirit that dwells inside you. This is the Holy Ghost. This is something that can be in contact with the Holy Spirit, or the “mind of the Father and Son….”5

    There are many times when the term “Ghost” and the term “Spirit” are used interchangeably. The distinction is not appreciated by some translators. Therefore, if there is a difference between these two, you will need to be careful about trusting different translator’s use of the terms. They may not have any distinction in mind.6No man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelations. The Holy Ghost is a revelator.7 God is no respecter of persons and makes the Holy Ghost available and accessible to all (Acts 6:3-6, Epistle of Jacob 1:2, 5). The Holy Ghost, which is the “mind of the Father and the Son,” can be communicated by: pure intelligence, light poured into the mind of a man, a ministering angel sent with a message, a ministering spirit sent with a message, an open vision, a voice from Heaven, or any other means designed to convey into the mind of the man receiving it the truth of things from God.8This first comforter, or Holy Ghost, has no other effect than pure intelligence.9

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