This is a deliberate, intentional, or willful rejection or refusal to accept what God offers to man. It is a rebellion. When we limit what we will permit God to reveal, setting boundaries to His teachings, we rebel. But that rebellion limits only ourselves.1 Whether a group or a person, we are either gaining (restoring) light and truth, or we are losing (apostatizing) from light and truth. This world is a world of change. Nothing remains the same. Everywhere you see either growth or decay at work. They are also at work within you. You either search out new truth, find it, live it, and thereby become restored to truth, or you back away from it. If you are backing away, losing it, neglecting it, and discarding it, you are in the process of apostasy.2 With respect to God’s people, apostasy is always marked by a change of ordinances and breaking of the covenant.3

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