1. This edition of Pearls of Great Price is named thusly to reflect and imply further expansion within its contents. Some material has been removed, changed, or added to this work, compared to what people may be familiar with in The Pearl of Great Price. Below is an outline of what changes have taken place.
  2. A Proposed Set of Governing Principles is a rewritten statement of principles and practices - similar to LE Section 20 - that reflect this assembly's efforts to preserve the Restoration.
  3. The Articles of Faith have been replaced by the Wentworth Letter that they were lifted from, in order to provide context to those articles.
  4. The Book of Moses and Joseph Smith - Matthew have been removed because they already exist in the New Translation of the Bible.
  5. Joseph Smith - History has been slightly expanded to the same extent as it was originally published in the Times and Seasons.
  6. The Book of Abraham remains as is.
  7. The Testimony of St John as given through Denver Snuffer, Jr has been added. It does not replace the existing Testimony of St John found in the New Testament, but stands as a new book.
  8. Continuing Revelation is a section which consists of visions and revelations given to Denver Snuffer, Jr to be made public, as well as a rewritten statement of principles and practices - similar to Section 20 - that reflect our efforts to preserve the Restoration. This portion of the Pearls of Great Price is expected to be the place where, in the future, new revelation will be added as it is received.
  9. If the body of believers should determine by common consent to add, change, or remove content within this work, such decisions will be honored. All sections will remain open to future alteration according to the determinations of the body of believers, and in case earlier manuscripts of any section are discovered and found to have textual differences. We are certain there will need to be further corrections made in the future, but believe this Restoration Edition to presently be most faithful to the words given by the Lord to His servants.

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