1. This edition of the Doctrine and Covenants is arranged using spell-corrected words from the earliest extant version of each revelation contained herein. The revelations are generally ordered chronologically within three themes: Restoration, Organization and Worship, and Revelations to Individuals. Each Section is headed with its place of origin (if known), date of receipt, and, in brackets, its corollary with the 2013 LDS Edition of the Doctrine and Covenants (LE), and the Kirtland edition (KE) otherwise known as the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants. Additional introductory information may be present if provided in the earliest extant sources. Alterations made to the source documents by Joseph Smith or the given scribe(s), assumedly under Joseph's direction at the time of transcribing, are generally the only alterations which have been honored.
  2. The Lectures on Faith have been restored to their proper place in this edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. They were voted as scripture by the body of believers, but removed by a council of men without the common consent of the body.
  3. LE Sections 2 and 13 have been removed, the content of both being contained within their fuller context in the Joseph Smith - History in Pearls of Great Price.
  4. LE Section 20 has been removed. It was composed by Oliver Cowdery prior to meeting Joseph Smith, then adjusted to reflect the New Testament model church as given through Joseph upon request by restorationists seeking only to restore a New Testament church. The body of scripture before you is part of an effort to reach further back than the New Testament churches and connect to the original priesthood as delivered to Adam.
  5. In certain revelations, the Lord commands the people to remember, keep, and obey the church Articles and Covenants (LE Section 20). This is illustrative of a principle, not indicative of the importance of the textual content in the church Articles and Covenants. The Lord's people are given to govern themselves, according to the righteous principles they decide upon by common consent, and He was illustrating His expectation that they uphold the standards they place upon themselves. Any people of God should expect the same.
  6. Section 101 on Marriage, from the original 1835 Kirtland Edition, is not being reintroduced because it is not a product of either Joseph or Hyrum. However, pertinent points are included in another area.
  7. LE Section 107 was an amalgamation of material from different points in time, some with questionable origin. The only portion with a transcript predating the 1835 D&C has been preserved. One additional portion has been extracted from the 1835 D&C and placed as the final Section in this work.
  8. LE Section 110 has been removed. No known firsthand account of this experience by Joseph or Oliver exists, nor has any record surfaced in which either makes firsthand reference to it. Joseph consistently spoke of Elijah's coming - which was supposedly fulfilled in Section 110's account - as still future, even years after Section 110 supposedly took place. This calls its veracity into question and, therefore, it has not been included as a reliable item to be considered "scripture".
  9. LE Sections 121-123 were all originally extracted from the same letter, written to the church by Joseph Smith. The entirety of this letter has instead been inserted.
  10. LE Section 129's earliest available transcript is a shorthand journal entry, which is insufficient for either a full understanding or usefulness. It has therefore been removed.
  11. LE Section 132 has been reduced, reflecting adjustments made by Denver Snuffer, Jr to correct both internal inconsistencies and disharmony with other revelations and teachings from Joseph Smith. There is evidence Joseph Smith dictated a revelation to William Clayton in July 1843, which served as a basis in some form for Section 132, but that document is not known to be extant. The earliest known manuscript of this revelation is in the hand of Joseph Kingsbury, a man who never served as a scribe to Joseph. It is likely that some of the content of Section 132 was contained in Clayton's copy, but what we now have in the Kingsbury copy appears to have been altered and added upon to serve a certain narrative. The version we have included reflects a best effort to remove those alterations, but preserve the remaining truth as fully as possible.
  12. LE Sections 134, 135, and 136 have been removed, being products of neither Joseph nor Hyrum Smith. 134 was written by Sidney Rigdon or Oliver Cowdery as a declaration of beliefs of the early church on government and law. It was not a revelation. 135 is the announcement of Joseph and Hyrum's martyrdom, written by John Taylor. 136 was given by Brigham Young after Joseph and Hyrum were taken through their martyrdom.
  13. LE Section 138 has also been removed. It is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission.
  14. Official Declarations 1 and 2 have been removed. Declaration 1 was a public relations move intended to ward off the American government. It did not end church - sanctioned polygamy, which was continued in secret until President Joseph F Smith's tenure. Declaration 2, while claiming to be a policy change born from a revelation, was actually a predetermined course to be pursued in the absence of a prohibitive revelation by a determined point in time. When no revelation occurred, the absence was itself interpreted as a revelation.
  15. Revelations received by Joseph which haven't previously been sustained as scripture have been added, as well as a letter written to the brethren abroad and published in December 1833.
  16. Hyrum Smith's epistle to the churches concerning marriage has been included. Hyrum was called by the Lord as Priesthood and Patriarch, as well as a prophet, seer and revelator to the church in concert with Joseph, and his work in that role should be properly honored.
  17. If the assembly of believers should determine by common consent to add, change, or remove content within this work, such decisions will be honored. All sections will remain open to future alteration according to the determinations of the assembly of believers, and in case earlier manuscripts of any section are discovered and found to have textual differences. We are certain there will need to be further corrections made in the future, but believe this Restoration Edition to presently be most faithful to the words given by the Lord to His servants.

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