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The Testimony of St. Matthew

The Testimony of St. Mark

The Testimony of St. Luke

The Testimony of St. John

Acts of The Apostles

The Epistle to The Romans

The First Epistle to The Corinthians

The Second Epistle to The Corinthians

The Epistle to The Galatians

The Epistle to The Ephesians

The Epistle to The Philippians

The Epistle to The Colossians

The First Epistle to The Thessalonians

The Second Epistle to The Thessalonians

The First Epistle to Timothy

The Second Epistle to Timothy

The Epistle to Titus

The Epistle to Philemon

The Epistle to The Hebrews

The General Epistle of James

The First Epistle of Peter

The Second Epistle of Peter

The First Epistle of John

The Second Epistle of John

The Third Epistle of John

The Epistle of Jude

The Revelations of St. John

Locate A Fellowship

Find a fellowship or group in your area in which to share common beliefs in our Lord Jesus Christ and His doctrine as restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.

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Get Baptized

Would you like to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ? Would you like to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost?

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Record Your Baptism

Once you have been baptized according to the pattern that our Lord has established in our day, He has required that we keep a record here on earth of all those who have entered into the waters of baptism.

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